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Russells to Speak at Visitors’s Center, Timberman Ridge, MetroPark Butler Co., April 17


3 - David RussellTuesday, April 14, 7:00 – 8:30 PM, Visitor’s Center, Timberman Ridge, part of the Forest Run MetroPark, 1976 Timberman Rd. Hamilton. A wave of neo-tropical migrants, headed north from the American tropics, has been descending upon the tri-state area for the past three weeks in ever increasing numbers indicating that spring must be here. They are the vanguard of more than 200 neo-tropical migrant species flooding into North America. Although your eyes may not deceive you the multitude of different calls and songs surrounding you are bewildering. Come spend the evening with Dave and Jill Russell as they help you improve your birding skills just-in-time for your first spring birding trip. Dave Russell teaches introductory and advanced ornithology courses at Miami University. Dave is a certified bird bander and trainer. Through the Avian Research and Education Institute (AREI) whose mission is “to protect and conserve avian populations through research, education, and advocacy” many area residents and students have learned about birds and the thrill of bird banding by visiting the AREI bird banding station at Hueston Woods State Park. Bird banding is a powerful tool with which to teach conservation lessons and become an advocate for the birds. AREI is sponsored and supported by Audubon Miami Valley. Dave and his wife Jill have a continuing project banding Boreal Owls in the Fairbanks Alaska area that has been ongoing for the past five years.

2015 Audubon Certificate & Awards List


Click on the link to see the 2015 Audubon Certificate & Awards List!

Field Trip, Saturday, March 28, 2015: EcOhio Wetlands


The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s 600-acre property, located north of downtown Mason, Ohio, is a refuge for plants and wildlife. Since the early 2000’s, the Zoo’s conservation efforts have reclaimed thirty acres of wetlands and have brought 125 bird species and 200 native plants to the former Bowyer Farm. Now known as EcOhio Wetlands, the property comprises wetland, prairie and forest areas.  There are no paved trails, so sturdy shoes and long pants are recommended. This field trip will leave at 7:30 a.m. from the TJ Maxx parking lot (on Locust Street across from McDonald’s), arrive at the site in about an hour, and return to Oxford in the afternoon. We will be met at the property by our guide, Brian F. Jorg, Manager of the Native Plant Program at the Cincinnati Zoo. Pack a lunch and bring binoculars if possible

Student Art Contest and Exhibition, March 21, 2015


Announcing the Audubon Miami Valley

Student Art Contest and Exhibition, 2015

Grades K – 12

Themes:    Birds of the Midwest and Birds of the Mississippi Flyway

Art Exhibition is free and open to the public!

Important Dates: 

March 6: 2:30 – 5:30 pm: drop off art work at Oxford Community Arts Center, 10 N. College Ave.,Oxford, Ohio

March 7: 10:00 – 2:00 pm: drop off work at Oxford Community Arts Center, Oxford, Ohio

March 10: Judging of entries

March 13: Awards posted on Aududon Miami Valley website

March 21: Exhibition opening: 12:00 – 4:00 pm, Oxford Community Arts Center 

March 27: 2:30 – 5:30 pm: Pick up artwork, if needed

March 28: 10:00 – 2:00 pm: Pick up artwork, if needed


Schedule of Events for the Exhibition, March 21, 2015.

12:15 pm: OCAC front lawn: Live Birds!  Shawn Conner, Hueston Woods Naturalist

1:00 pm:  OCAC  In the south Ballroom: Chris Rowlands, Outreach Naturalist,  Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm

2:00 pm: In the south Ballroom:  Awards ceremony grades K – 4

2:30 pm: In the south Ballroom: Awards ceremony grades 5 – 12

For more information go to

Monday, March 9, Public Program


Monday, March 9- The Importance of The Bahamas to North American Shorebirds, Matt Jeffery, Deputy Director. International Alliances Program, National Audubon Society with collaborators Walker Golder, 2 - Matt JeffreyAudubon North Carolina and Predensa Moore, the Bahamas National Trust Many North American shorebirds make extraordinary migrations from beding areas in the middle and northern latitudes to southern wintering areas. These long distance migrations are energetically expensive and shorebirds often arrive at stopover or wintering sites with depleted fat reserves and in need of high quality food and foraging habitat. During the past 4 years, the National Audubon Society, Bahamas National Trust, and other partner organizations have identified sites across The Bahamas that support significant concentrations of shorebirds during migration and winter including large concentrations of the endangered piping plover. This work has added important new information to our understanding of the importance of The Bahamas to non-breeding shorebirds. This information is very important to developing and implementing successful conservation strategies. 

Matt has been with Audubon since 2006 when he came on board to support Audubon’s Education and International Alliances work. He was quickly promoted into a management role for Audubon’s international conservation programs, working with a number of countries, including Mexico, Panama, Belize, Bahamas, Argentina and Paraguay. Matt is especially focused on protecting Important Bird Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean for Neotropical migrant bird populations. As the stepson of an animal keeper in the UK, Matt worked with animals since he was a boy. His more than 15 years of international conservation experience includes several years in Southeast Asia where his commitment to conservation took shape while he was living and working in Thailand and Cambodia. While there he helped advance a variety of conservation projects including the establishment of a 1 million acre forest reserve in the Cardamom Mountains, with Conservation International. Matt has his BSc. Degree from Kings College, University of London.

Chapter Meetings are held the second Monday of the indicated months in the 2nd floor Community Room, LCNB building, 30 Park Place West at 7:30 PM in uptown Oxford unless otherwise noted (n.b). All meetings are open to the public.

Field Trip, Saturday, February 14, 2015: Miami University Natural Areas


The Miami University Natural Areas encompass over one thousand acres and seventeen miles of hiking trails, forming a green crescent around the east side of the City of Oxford. The well-maintained trails will allow for a pleasant winter walk led by Natural Areas Field Manager Jim Reid. Information about the Natural Areas, including a link to a downloadable map, is available at The walk will start at 9:30 a.m. at the parking area for the DeWitt Log Cabin, just off of SR73 east of Oxford, and will conclude around noon. Bring binoculars if possible, plus snacks if desired.

Monday, February 9- Exploring the EcOhio Wetlands, Brian Jorg, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden


1 - Brian Jorg The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is currently reestablishing a wetland on a farm in Warren County. Donated to the Zoo, this property, historically a wet place on the landscape is now being reestablished as a 25 acre wetland through grants and volunteer labor. You will see how the zoo is using its growing facilities to produce plants for this project. Within the last year, over 125 species have been found on the property including bald eagle, sand hill cranes, and nesting blue grosbeaks.

Brian F. Jorg, Manager of Native Plant Program at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, joined the organization in 2004. Prior to joining the Zoo, Brian was a horticulturist at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, a national historic landmark, for 15 years. His responsibilities include managing the Native Plant Program that includes the conservation, education, and promotion of native flora. Finding more efficient ways of propagation and cultivation are a prime goal of this program and these protocols can be used on rare and endangered plants in conservation efforts. Brian also manages the tulip display, in which over 100,000 bulbs are planted seasonally. Brian’s passion is outdoor photography and his photographs have been published in various books, magazines, field guides, calendars, advertisements and greeting cards. Numerous institutions use Brian’s images in their educational displays. Brian leads trips all over the world and in April 2015 he will lead a 14 day wildlife expedition to Argentina and Brazil including Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls.