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September 9, Bird of Prey


Monday, September 9, 7:30pm. Come join Audubon Miami Valley for the screening of Bird of Prey, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s award-winning documentary. With fewer than 800 Great Philippine Eagles remaining on Earth, the film tells the moving tale of a small but devoted group of people who are determined to save these magnificent birds from extinction. This film weaves stunning natural history footage of the critically endangered Great Philippine Eagle with the remarkable story of wildlife cinematographer Neil Rettig and a small group of conservationists from the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) who work tirelessly to save the bird from extinction.

The film follows Rettig’s return to the Philippines 36 years after he and his crew captured the first-ever recorded images of the eagle in the wild. Decades later, at the age of 64, Neil returns to the Philippine jungle on a grueling expedition to find the reclusive raptor and once again film a pair of eagles as they attempt to raise a newborn chick. “I’m hopeful that (our film) will make a difference,” says Rettig “because I’ve seen how images have the power to change the way people look at nature, change the way they look at the environment, and change the way they care.”


Longbeard Prairies at Hueston Woods State Park- Saturday, June 15, 2019


In 2014, the Shady Hollow Longbeards, Preble County’s chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, initiated a long-term plan to enhance wildlife habitats on a 14-acre parcel along Hedgerow Road within Hueston Woods State Park. Volunteers eradicated exotic vegetation before planting 34 species of native grasses and wildflowers, and used excavating equipment to improve a vernal pool, which was also planted with native vegetation. Adding signage, a trail system, an observation blind, footbridge, and wildlife nesting structures completed their plan. In 2018, the Longbeards completed a pollinator habitat project on a 5-acre plot at the ODOT’s Morning Sun Outpost, just north of the entrance to Hueston Woods.

A partner in the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative, a statewide coalition of organizations working to develop pollinator habitat and to educate Ohioans about the critical importance of pollinators, their objective was to establish a diverse stand of native grasses and wildflowers to benefit resident and migrant pollinators, enhance the property’s aesthetic qualities, and eliminate the need to periodically mow idle land.

We will meet at the TJ Maxx parking lot (on Locust Street across from McDonald’s) at 8:00 am and proceed to the Hedgerow Rd. parking lot on the south side of the grassland wildlife project area in Hueston Woods. The tour will be led by Eric Hollins with assistance from habitat project managers. After a tour of the Hedgerow project area, we will drive to the ODOT facility to visit the pollinator project.

May 13, 2019 -Presenter: Randy Morgan, Emeritus Curator – Insectarium, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, “The Leaf-Cutting Ants:  Advanced agricultural civilization by instinct.”


The social complexity of Leaf Cutting Ants is second only to that of humans. They dominate the Neotropics and nest in a fortress city with millions f task-specialized workers farming fungus for food on freshly cut leaves. Their relentless leaf harvesting behavior stimulates primary plant productivity in nature, but also devastates human crops. Come meet our fungus-growing friends and foes: The leaf cutting ants.

Randy holds an M.S. in entomology from the University of Wisconsin. He worked at the Cincinnati Zoo Insectarium for 32 years and is now retired from his position as curator of Invertebrates, Reptiles, and Amphibians. At the Zoo he managed a diverse collection of live insects and other small animals for public education display, developed a world-class exhibit and received significant recognition and awards for his efforts. He has worked extensively with leaf cutting ants in the field, in laboratory observation nests and in public exhibits for nearly 40 years. Randy loves to share his passion of these incredible insects and other life, animals that propel our living world.

AMV will meet on the second Monday of February, March, April and May (2019) in the 2nd floor conference room of the Lebanon Citizens National Bank (LCNB) building, 30 West Park Place, Oxford, OH. These meetings are free and open to the public, and begin at 7:30 pm. Accessible by stairs or elevator.

APR 23, – A Spring Warbler Refresher, Dave Russell,


APR 23, – A Spring Warbler Refresher, Dave Russell, Department of Biology, Miami University

Dave RussellJoin Dr. David Russell for an evening of entertainment as he regales us about neo-tropical migrants with pointers and clues on how to best identify the wood warblers, harbingers of spring, that pass through our region every spring. This program will take place at the Chilsolm Historic Famstesd, MetroParks Butler County, 2070 Woodsdale Rd, Trenton, OH, Tuesday, April 23 at 7-9pm. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019- Hunter/Huffmeier Property


This will be another delightful visit to the rural Indiana property of our hosts, Kathy Hunter and Ron Huffmeier. The land, located just to the west of Brookville Lake, features stunning old-growth forest along with open grassy areas and lovely streams. We are sure to find a nice variety of birds while walking through this attractive setting. Pack a lunch, and we will dine on the deck of Kathy and Ron’s home overlooking the woods. We’ll leave at 8:00 a.m. from west end of the Wal Mart parking lot (on US 27, north of Oxford) and return to Oxford after lunch.

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Oxford Takes Action: Climate Summit


The League of Women Voters of Oxford  is sponsoring a public meeting on April 10, 7:30 PM, for community members to learn about and to get involved with local initiatives dealing with the crisis of climate change. Location: the Presbyterian Seminary Building, Corner of Church and Poplar Streets. Audubon Miami Valley will be participating in the in the event.



Audubon Miami Valley will host a habitat restoration project for Earth Day on Saturday, April 27, 9am-noon, pizza lunch. We will remove invasive plants in the Big Woods Nature Preserve. Gloves and tools will be provided. Bring your own water bottle. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes!

Directions:  Take Brown Road (College Ave.) out of Oxford to Hueston Woods State Park.  Go straight ahead at intersection with the Main Loop Road and follow signs to Sugar House parking area. Email:


April 8, 2019 Presenter: Nancy Ferguson Robinson, Giant Panda Conservation and the Global Goals for Sustainability”


Nancy Ferguson Robinson will join us to discuss Giant Panda conservation and her role as an envoy to the United Nations Development Programme. Giant Panda conservation has faced long odds due to many factors including panda biology, habitat loss, and captive care practices which were less than optimal. In January 2017, Nancy traveled to China to learn about the challenges of Giant Panda conservation, spend time with Giant Pandas and scientists and the caregivers working to save the species, and understand the role of Giant Pandas as ambassadors of hope for the Global Goals.  Join us for a conversation about the Global Goals and the relationship between human needs, global partnerships, and species survival.

Nancy Ferguson Robinson is currently the Director of Counseling Services for Miami University’s Middletown Regional Campus and is a Visiting Faculty member in Social Work.  From 1993-2004 Nancy’s work focused upon good health, gender equality and violence prevention as director of a regional rape crisis center, which also provided web-based consultation and information for people from 92 nations.   Her background includes consultation for the Peace Corps and Ministry of Health in Dominica, West Indies.   Nancy also worked as a naturalist educator/program Leader at the Cincinnati Zoo for six years, teaching adult and child visitors about wildlife conservation, biodiversity and animal adaptations.

AMV will meet on the second Monday of February, March, April and May (2019) in the 2nd floor conference room of the Lebanon Citizens National Bank (LCNB) building, 30 West Park Place, Oxford, OH. These meetings are free and open to the public, and begin at 7:30 pm. Accessible by stairs or elevator.



MARCH 30, 2019, 10 AM – 5 PM


Event opens 10:00am- 5:00pm
Live birds from Hueston Woods State Park 11:00am
Bird activities ongoing
Awards ceremony Grades K-4, 12:45-1:15pm
Chris Rowland: Puppet show 1:30pm
Awards ceremony grades 5-12, 2:45-3:15pm

Saturday, March 23, 2019- Spring Valley Wildlife Area


Spring Valley Wildlife Area is situated in the gently rolling agricultural region of southwest Ohio just east of the Little Miami River. This 842-acre preserve contains a wonderful variety of habitats. Its bird list features more than 230 species. Of special note is one of the largest and most easily accessed marshes in the area. Other notable habitats include mature hardwoods, brushy hedgerows, croplands, and overgrown fields. The wetlands comprise about 150 acres and are encircled by an easily traversable trail. A boardwalk allows excellent access to the marsh without disturbing the delicate ecosystem. Expert naturalist Sam Fitton will lead this trip, which will leave at 7:30 a.m. from the TJ Maxx parking lot (on Locust Street across from McDonald’s) and return to Oxford in the afternoon. Pack a lunch if desired and bring binoculars if possible.

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