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Kicking Back and Refueling Bird-style, April 11


Migration is often considered the most energy-demanding and stressful period during the life cycle of migratory landbirds.  Because migrating birds spend the majority of their time in stopover habitats rather than in flight, it is important to our understanding of migration ecology to examine spatial and temporal patterns of bird movements during stopover periods. Ashley Buchanan will be speaking about her graduate research where used radio telemetry to quantify local movements, stopover duration, habitat selection, and patch residence times for two species of landbird migrants, the Yellow-rumped Warbler and the Red-eyed Vireo, in the Western Lake Erie Basin of Northern Ohio. Buchanan is a Wildlife Refuge Specialist, Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, Madison, Indiana. Monday, April 11, 7:30 p.m., 2nd Floor Community Room, Lebanon Citizens National Bank, 30 Park Place West, Oxford, Ohio.

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