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Acton Lake Design Exhibition


Plans are hatching for A New Watershed Education and Research Center at Hueston Woods State Park.  There will be a Design Exhibition and Reception spotlighting four distinct design proposals for the new center. The buildings themselves are designed to tell the story of watersheds through on-site displays and through the use of interactive web based media.

Where: Fireside Room at the Lodge, Hueston Woods State Park,

When: Projects on Exhibit from noon – 7:00 pm, Wednesday, May 4th Reception open to the public 5:00-7:00. Snacks and beverages provided.

What is the Plan ? Supported by a planning grant from the National Science Foundation, teams of Miami University students from Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Teacher Educations, and the natural sciences have been developing ideas for a new watershed education and research center for Hueston Woods State Park. The vision for the center builds on years of collaboration between Miami University’s Ecology Research Center, and Hueston Woods State Park. Ultimately, this planning project will result in the construction of a Watershed Education and Research Center at Hueston Woods, that will raise the profile of the unique ecological features of large watersheds that drain into reservoirs. If you would like to receive updates on the project, send a note to: Scott Johnston at

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