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Ghost Bird Film, September 12, 2011


SEPTEMBER 12, 2011: Ghost Bird (Film), Dave Russell and Hardy Eshbaugh – Moderators

Ghost Bird, a spellbinding award-winning documentary, takes a small item from recent history, the alleged discovery of the extinct ivory-billed woodpecker near a small, depressed Arkansas town in 2005, and the media and scientific hoopla that ensued and turns it into a cosmic lament for the forest primeval and man’s search for environmental redemption. “Ghost Bird offers a nuanced deconstruction of the controversy surrounding recent sightings of the iconic Ivory-billed Woodpecker by examining the ontogeny of faith and eyewitness testimony in the context of mass extinction. Scott Crocker’s documentary poses questions that will haunt you in their insistence that we have yet to reckon with the philosophical and spiritual ramifications of the diminishment of our natural world; imperative viewing for anyone searching for clearer insight into how our fondest hopes for the restoration of species might impede our sounder judgments” – Ella Soper Jones.

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