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Bahamas: Birds, Babes, and Beaches, 11/4


Bahamas: Birds, Babes, and Beaches, John and Karen Shrader – Dayton Audubon Society

The Bahama Islands lie just a short distance off the coast of Florida, and are famous for their “babes and beaches.”  But, did you know that the islands are home to a few endemic species of birds – including a swallow, hummingbird, and yellowthroat – found nowhere else on earth?  There are also a number of unique subspecies found on the islands, including a parrot and the very rare Bahama Nuthatch.  If you are anxious to plan a trip to get out of the cold this winter, join John and Karen Shrader, Dayton Audubon Society members and world birders, as we explore our neighbors in the sunny Bahama Islands.”

Karen and John Shrader are avid world birders and also enjoy photography, especially of the natural world.  They have traveled widely around the world, as well as in North America.  Over almost two decades, they served as the Field Trip Chairs for the Dayton Audubon Society, and John has served as the chapter President and on the board of directors.  John is an M.D. associated with Jim Williams – formerly with the Hamilton County Park District.

NOVEMBER 14, 2011, 7:30pm , 2nd Floor Oxford Community Room, Lebanon Citizens National Bank, unless noted otherwise. All meetings are free and open to the public.

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