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Saturday, March 16, Mount Airy Forest


The Mount Airy Forest, established in 1911, was one of the earliest urban reforestation projects in the United States and is the largest park in Cincinnati’s park system. It covers an impressive 1,471 acres and includes natural areas, planned landscapes, buildings, structures, and landscape features. The numerous hiking trails, bridle paths, walls, gardens, pedestrian bridges, and various other improvements within Mount Airy Forest reflect the ambitious park planning and development that took place in Cincinnati in the early to-mid-20th century. The once-barren land now includes 700 acres of reforested hardwoods, 200 acres of forested evergreens, 269 acres of wetlands, 170 acres of meadows, and a 120-acre arboretum. Sam Fitton will lead the trip. We’ll leave from the old Walmart parking lot on Locust Street near McDonald’s at 7 a.m. and return in the afternoon. Pack a lunch.

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