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Spring is in the Air


Tuesday, April 16, 2013, “Spring is in the Air” with David Russell, Department of Zoology, 7:00pm, Room, 218 Pearson Hall, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

David RussellEach spring millions of birds migrate from the tropics back to the temperate region and the boreal forest. This fallout enriches our lives and renews our energy. Whether in the field or at a banding station one cannot help be impressed by the diversity of these erstwhile travelers. How to cope with such a wave of spring returners? Dave will try to bring our ears and eyes back in shape after eight months absence.

Dave Russell is a professor who teaches ornithology at Miami University and runs the Avian Research and Education Institute bird banding station at Hueston Woods State Park. He and his wife Jill also do research on Boreal Owls in the summer while teaching in Alaska. They have also developed a fascination for Peony’s and Peony farming in Alaska.


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