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The Midwest Native Plant Society is proud to help present Mothapalooza, a celebration of the fantastic diversity of moths in Ohio’s wildest places. June 14-16th, 2013 in Adams and Scioto Counties.

Everyone is familiar with colorful day-flying butterflies, but far fewer are tuned into the darker side of the Lepidopteran world: moths. Yet moth species outnumber butterflies by a factor of 22. Most moths fly under cover of darkness, and are harder to observe. Making a special effort to find moths pays off, as this is a group filled with extraordinary beauty, fantastic adaptations, and unbelievable behavior. Because of their often exceptional beauty, moths have become enormously popular subjects for photographers.

Mothapalooza is an event geared towards all levels of interest and ability, featuring guided outdoor experiences. Topnotch experts will man nocturnal light traps that are guaranteed to attract blizzards of moths of many species. There will also be daytime field trips to some of the most interesting habitats in Ohio, many of which support rare plants and animals found nowhere else in the state. Professionals will present programs, and conduct workshops. This is sure to be an interesting weekend full of exciting finds and unique experiences. Mothapalooza will be based out of the Shawnee State Park Lodge deep within Shawnee State Forest in southern Ohio. Trips will range throughout the 65,000-acre forest, and to neighboring Adams County and the sprawling Edge of Appalachia preserve. Lodging is available at the Shawnee Lodge, or in nearby Portsmouth.

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