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CORRECTION ON DATE, TUESDAY, APR 22, 7PM – Dave Russell Program


Dave Russell 2“So you think you are a traveler! – Consider our neo-tropical migrants.”, Dave Russell, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, Miami University

Waves of warblers and other neo-tropical migrants are descending on the tri-state area. Spring is definitely here. More than 200 species are returning from South and Central America. They began arriving just a few weeks ago and now they are beginning to fill the forest and fields with the melodious songs of spring. Your eyes may not deceive you but your ears are another question. It isn’t easy! Join Dave Russell for an evening of fun with a refresher course designed to hone your identification skills.

Dave Russell teaches introductory and advanced ornithology courses. Dave is a certified bird bander and trainer. Through the Avian Research and Education Institute whose mission is “to protect and conserve avian populations through research, education, and advocacy” many area residents and students have learned about birds and the thrill of bird banding by visiting the Hueston Woods State Park banding station. Bird banding is a powerful tool with which to teach conservation lessons and become an advocate for the birds. AREI is sponsored and supported by Audubon Miami Valley.

Meet at the Butler County Metro Park, Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and Samuel Ausperger House, 2070 Woodsdale Road. Trenton, Ohio. All meetings are open to the public.

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