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Monday, October 13- The Frogs and Toads of Ohio


Monday, October 13-  The Frogs and Toads of OhioJeff  Davis, Northwest High School

2nd floor Community Room, LCNB building, 30 Park Place West at 7:30 PM in uptown Oxford. All meetings are open to the public.

Jeff Davis - Wall Lizard, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH July 19, 2011 (51)Ohio is home to 14 anuran species.  Some, like American Toads and Bullfrogs are widely distributed across the state and are quite familiar to those who spend time outdoors.  Others, like Mountain Chorus Frogs and Eastern Spadefoots are more specialized and their distributions in Ohio are limited to areas with specific geography and soils.  This presentation includes distribution maps, recordings of advertisement calls, and plenty of photos of the state’s frogs and toads.

Jeff Davis, an educator and Adjunct Research Associate in Herpetology and Ichthyology at the Cincinnati Museum Center has worked as a consultant for local, state, and federal agencies and private industries for 18 years.  His focus has been on Ohio’s Frogs and Toads, Cave Salamanders, and several species of Ohio reptiles.  He has conducted amphibian surveys in all 88 Ohio counties resulting in the recent publication of a book, Amphibians of Ohio.


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