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Russells to Speak at Forest Run Park Visitor’s Center, MetroPark Butler Co., April 17


3 - David RussellTuesday, April 14, 7:00 – 8:30 PM, Forest Run Park Visitor’s Center, 1976 Timberman Rd. Hamilton. A wave of neo-tropical migrants, headed north from the American tropics, has been descending upon the tri-state area for the past three weeks in ever increasing numbers indicating that spring must be here. They are the vanguard of more than 200 neo-tropical migrant species flooding into North America. Although your eyes may not deceive you the multitude of different calls and songs surrounding you are bewildering. Come spend the evening with Dave and Jill Russell as they help you improve your birding skills just-in-time for your first spring birding trip. Dave Russell teaches introductory and advanced ornithology courses at Miami University. Dave is a certified bird bander and trainer. Through the Avian Research and Education Institute (AREI) whose mission is “to protect and conserve avian populations through research, education, and advocacy” many area residents and students have learned about birds and the thrill of bird banding by visiting the AREI bird banding station at Hueston Woods State Park. Bird banding is a powerful tool with which to teach conservation lessons and become an advocate for the birds. AREI is sponsored and supported by Audubon Miami Valley. Dave and his wife Jill have a continuing project banding Boreal Owls in the Fairbanks Alaska area that has been ongoing for the past five years.

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