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FEBRUARY 8 -​​ On the Other Side of the World, Beth Davis, Teacher


“Thank you for the Audubon Miami Valley Rosie Bloom Scholarship. I cannot wait to share my experiences traveling half way around the world to Borneo in order to complete a primate conservation course for Miami University’s Project Dragonfly. From working with international scientists, at the Danau Girang Field Station, where within 15 minutes of arrival, we saw our first wild orangutan; to the villagers of Sukau, who work diligently with the Hutan Kinabatangan Oran-utan Conservation Programme (a French NGO) in preserving wildlife, the rainforest, and their own futures, this was as truly “pinch me, am I really here” type of experience.”

Beth teaches fifth-grade science and language arts. After many years as a secretary, stay-at-home mom, professional clown, bank teller, and elementary school librarian, Beth received a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Childhood Education from Miami University. She is currently involved in Miami’s Earth Expeditions/Project Dragonfly Program and is working toward a Master of Arts in Teaching Biological Sciences degree. Earth Expeditions has afforded Beth the opportunity to travel to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula to study desert ecology and marine biology and to Borneo to study primate conservation. Whether standing face-to-face with a curious orangutan or a curious fifth-grader Beth is always prepared to draw from her varied experiences to teach and tell others about nature and science. 

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