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DEC 12- Natures People


DEC 12- Natures People: The Intriguing Connecting Emily Dickinson to the Hog Island Audubon Camp, Tom Schafer, Author and Educator

AMV - Tom Schafer_1Though Emily Dickinson knew nothing of Hog Island at the time of her death in 1896, the woman who would become first editor of the Dickinson poetry, Mable Loomis Todd surely would. A decade after the successful publication of three editions of Emily’s poetry, Mrs. Todd and her husband bought a majority share of a wilderness island in Maine for a family summer retreat that would eventually become Hog Island Audubon Camp. Join Tom Schafer as he retells fascinating elements of the story tangentially connecting Emily Dickinson to Hog Island, home of Audubon’s first summer camp devoted to teaching key elements of nature study and ecology.

Tom Shafer first went to Hog Island on a Dayton Audubon Scholarship and completed his Master of Humanities at Wright State University on the founding in 1936 of the Audubon Nature Camp for Adult Leaders. He has been a student of Hog Island ever since. Today he serves on the Friends of Hog Island board of directors and volunteers annually at the camp. At home in Dayton, Tom is completing work on his book Natures People: The Hog Island story from Mabel Loomis Todd to Audubon. Key parts of that narrative will be shared along with a series of photographs from the family archive housed at Yale University. Copies of Tom’s book of poetry regarding Hog Island history, A Forest of Ferns: Reflections on Hog Island will be available for purchase and author signing.

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