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Correction! MAR 13- How Eastern Bluebirds Can Change Your life!


Audubon Miami Valley meets the second Monday of February, March, April, and May in 2017 in the 2nd floor conference room of the Lebanon Citizens National Bank building at 30 West Park Place. These meetings are free and open to the public.

MAR 13- How Eastern Bluebirds Can Change Your life!, Kent Hall, Professor Emeritus (Zoology), University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

kent-hall-2Dr. Hall will talk to the chapter about his life-long encounter with the eastern bluebird. It all started in a village in Missouri where he was born and raised: Versailles, which is in south central Missouri. He grew up surrounded by and immersed in the natural environment near his home. One of the most intriguing birds he encountered growing up was the eastern bluebird, the state bird of Missouri.

“I spent 30 years as a professor of Zoology. After I retired I looked around for hobbies that might interest me. For me, payback time had arrived. I remembered my childhood experiences with bluebirds and their influence on my professional career and decided to return the favor. For the last 13 years, I have coordinated the Aldo Leopold Audubon Society Bluebird Trail. It started modestly and has grown into the largest bluebird trail in North America. When started, we had only 89 boxes which produced 188 bluebirds in Portage County and I was the only monitor. In 2014 we had 1,354 boxes and produced 4,953 bluebirds in 6 counties with 76 monitors. In 13 years we’ve produced 45,500 bluebirds, plus another 14,000 songbirds, from our boxes. To put our growth into perspective, we have averaged 5,300 bluebirds produced over the past six years. During that time, we have produced more bluebirds from artificial nest boxes than all but three states in the U.S.: Wisconsin, Nebraska and Minnesota.”

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