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Program: October 14, LCNB, Oxford


Ornamentals Escaping into the Wild: The Story of the Callery Pear Tree Presenter – Theresa, Department of Biology, University of Cincinnati. Known popularly as the ‘Bradford’, ‘Aristocrat’, or ‘Cleveland Select’ pear tree, the Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) has been rapidly spreading across the US within recent years.  We will explore the history of this popular ornamental tree, why it has been spreading, and what can be done now to slow its invasion.

Theresa Culley, a Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences at University of Cincinnati, studies the role of ornamental horticulture in plant invasions. A native of California and a graduate of the Ohio State University, she chairs the Invasive Plant Assessment Committee of the Ohio Invasive Plants Council and is a member of the Ohio Department of Agriculture Invasive Plant Committee.

LCNB MEETING ROOM, West Park Place, Oxford, Ohio


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