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Contact Us

Mailing Address:

Audubon Miami Valley
P.O. Box 556
Oxford, OH 45056


  • President; Linda Williams,
  • Vice-president: Larry Gersbach,
  • Treasurer: Neil Poppendeck,
  • Secretary: Gail Reynold,
  • Member-at-Large: Marlene Hoffman,
  • Member-at-Large: Steve Sullivan,
  • Member-at-Large: Randy Morgan,
  • Member-at-Large and Past-President: Mickey Simonds,
  • Member-at-Large, Student Liason: Carly Zeis,

Appointed Committee Chairs

  • Avocacy: Carly Zeis,
  • Audit Committee: Larry Gersbach,
  • Citizen Science (CBC): Larry Gersbach,
  • Communications: Mickey Simonds,
  • Conservation: Dick Munson,
  • Education: Libby Birch,
  • Field Trips: Eric Hollins,
  • Finance: Neil Poppendeck,
  • Leadership &  Nominations: (pending)
  • Membership: Bev Thomas
  • Newsletter: Alexandria Horne,
  • Programs: Hardy Eshbaugh,
  • Publicity (website and social media): Liz Woedl,
  • Special Projects: Marlene Hoffman,
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